Scaredy Cats

The Faculty

February 25, 2022 Episode 39
Scaredy Cats
The Faculty
Show Notes

It’s a universally known truth that high school can be hell. That’s a given even if you don’t have masked killers picking off your friends one by one. Let’s break it down. There are the unbreakable social castes. There’s those gut wrenching unrequited crushes that you just can’t seem to talk to. There are teachers and parents who just don’t understand you. Sometimes, you don’t even understand yourself. And maybe, just maybe, there are aliens taking over your school, hoping for world domination in just a short time. What if all those sci-fi movies were trying to acclimate us to a world in which aliens were real? What if Stephen Spielberg set us up because he’s an alien?? Well, strap on your backpack, put your best nineties mix into your Walkman and get ready to head back to school. It’s time to talk about The Faculty. 

Joining the class today are Ariana, Crystal and the new girl, Michelle who has to prove that she's not the alien queen. 

This is just your friendly reminder that, as always, we will be breaking down the plot in great detail. That means… there will be loads of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, proceed at your own risk! 

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