Scaredy Cats

Deep Blue Sea

March 13, 2022 Episode 40
Scaredy Cats
Deep Blue Sea
Show Notes

Sharks are pretty much the perfect horror movie villains. They’re lean, mean killing machines. And they look so cool. Shark movies have a long and perhaps not so illustrious history. The first shark movie ever filmed was 1936’s White Death which featured author Zane Grey as he hunts for a killer shark off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It was followed by movies like The Sharkfighters and Shark!, but it wasn’t until 1975 that shark movies really hit their stride. But no, sorry, we’re not about to talk about THAT shark movie… yet. Instead, we’re going to fast forward 24 years when sharks became Bigger. Smarter. Faster. Meaner. Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea revitalized the shark movie after years of sequels and b movies (which, let’s be honest, I still love). 

Just a friendly reminder that as always, we will be breaking down the plot in great detail. That means… there will be loads of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, proceed at your own risk. Joining us as we head to Aquatica are Michele and return guests Katie and Ariana. 

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