Scaredy Cats

Satan's Slaves

September 30, 2022 Episode 45
Scaredy Cats
Satan's Slaves
Show Notes

Hey Scaredy Cats. Imagine you’re a young child, maybe six or seven years old. You head to your local theatre to catch a matinee all by yourself. You’re a hardened horror fan despite your young age, but what you see scares you so much that you literally pray for the sunshine to last. This movie sticks with you for decades and when you become a filmmaker, you remake it as a way of purging it from your system. That’s exactly what happened to Indonesian filmmaker, Joko Anwar. The movie? Satan’s Slaves. 

This is just your friendly reminder that as always, we will be breaking down the plot in great detail. That means… there will be loads of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it! Otherwise, proceed at your own risk. Joining us to talk about Satan’s Slaves is Jenn from the awesome podcast, I Hate Your Taste In Movies.

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