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Fright Night

October 27, 2022 Episode 46
Scaredy Cats
Fright Night
Show Notes

Hey Scaredy Cats. In the mid eighties, monster movies just weren’t the trend in horror. The genre was dominated by slashers like Friday the 13th. In 1984, we had movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter (spoiler alert, it wasn’t) and probably most importantly of all, A Nightmare on Elm Street. But the horror writers and directors of the eighties would have grown up with the Hammer horror movies, so it was inevitable that someone would have come along to revitalize the monster movie, or more specifically, the vampire movie. That person was Tom Holland and his 1985 love letter to classic horror was Fright Night. 

 Joining us to chat about vampires are the Real Housewives of Saskatoon, Crystal and Michelle. 

 I’m your host Sherri and this is just your friendly reminder that as always there will be loads of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it! Otherwise, proceed at your own risk. 

Before we get into the movie, I just wanted to share something near and dear to my heart. We have a special event coming up… On November 5, I’ll be holding the 3rd annual Scareathon – my gaming marathon during which I will play scary games for 24 hours straight and stream them on Twitch as part of Extra Life Game Day. Extra Life is an organization that was founded in Texas in 2008 and they’ve raised over $100 million USD to support children’s hospitals. They help fund critical treatments or pediatric medical equipment, ensure that hospitals can provide charitable care and cover specialized services that may not be covered by insurance. I’ll be raising money for my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital and I’d love it if you popped in. I will be doing all kinds of silly things to entertain and incentivize donors. You can find me on Twitch as Scaredy Sherri and you can donate here.

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