Scaredy Cats

The Final Girls

January 26, 2023 Episode 51
Scaredy Cats
The Final Girls
Show Notes

Hey Scaredy Cats. Welcome back to the month of camp carnage. I know, I know, no one goes to camp in January, but when you’re stuck in the frozen tundra that is Ontario in the winter, you gotta do what you gotta do. As a kid growing up in the eighties, slashers were all the rage. Some of the first horror movies I saw were eighties slashers. So, I definitely have a soft spot for them and the more ridiculous the better. When I heard that there was a love letter to the subgenre with a soft marshmallow centre, I knew it was the kind of movie that I needed in my life. Did I mention that I listened to Bette Davis Eyes on repeat back in the day? Ok, so you couldn’t exactly listen to something on repeat back then. You had two options. You either made a tape with just that song on it OR you would take a couple of minutes, rewind and play again. But I digress. Let’s head to Camp Blue Finch and meet some new camp counsellors and the menacing killer who’s going to ruin all the sexy times and fun. It’s time to meet THE FINAL GIRLS. 

I’m your host Sherri and this is just your friendly reminder that as always there will be loads of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it! Otherwise, proceed at your own risk. Joining us today are Katie and Nick!

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